Yoga: My Personal Journey

November 29, 2016
Yoga Asana

For any of you who already knows me or follow me on Instagram, you will know my obsession in life is everything yoga.


Anyone who does yoga, is on their own unique journey that is personal to them. I am going to take you through my journey and tell you how and why it started, to where I am now in life.

Just over 2 years ago, I would have finished 6 months worth of counselling to deal with the life-changing anxiety I was experiencing. Yoga was first introduced to me by my counselor. At first I was thinking ‘Ok, this could be will help my flexibility’.

Then a few days in, my brain become clouded with anger and negativity. I didn’t understand why I should have to spend an hour everyday trying to ‘fix’ myself and why I wasn’t ‘normal’ like everybody else? What did I do to deserve this?

A few months on, I was feeling better but my life still wasn’t back to the way it was before. There were still shops I couldn’t face going into, still situations that made me panic. At Christmas I left my job, which was a positive step for me as all it seemed to do was feed my anxiety.

After Christmas became the new year, it was less than 2 weeks of being off work before everything got on top of me again. I did some research and decided I wanted to try a new type of therapy, I had 5 sessions of hypnotherapy. It worked, I left feeling positive and refreshed. It soon made me realize I was the one in control… I was the only person causing my anxiety, it was all in my head. It was time to change, time to get my life back!

Yoga started creeping in once or twice a week, I used home workout DVDs as I had never done it before nor knew much about it.

Then, one day I was just sitting at home on my iPad flicking through Instagram when I came across some ‘yogis’. It then came to my attention that there were hundreds..thousands of them! They host different challenges every month focusing on different areas, this was very exciting. I would look at their photos, watch their videos and love that they were all different and on different journeys of their own.

That was when I decided I wanted to improve, in every aspect of my life. The benefits from doing yoga are endless and not to mention how it changes your lifestyle for the better. I slowly became more relaxed, life became more positive, the aches and pains I used to have from lack of movement disappeared.

I took part in challenges, continued my home DVDs and started to blossom. I could finally touch my toes which was great…this made me hungry for more!


Around June, I joined a local gym for a few months before our coffee shop opened. This is where I went to my first ever yoga class, I was so excited and loved every minute of it.

Since then, I have been to so many different classes covering various different styles of yoga. Not every style is for everyone and it is important to experiment to find what you like. I hear so many people say they went to a class and found it boring – yes that can happen but they are by no means all like that.

My favorite class which I really didn’t like missing was a Fitness Yoga class. It was yoga pushed to the extreme, I struggled my way through the class which left me with aching muscles and covered in sweat. I combined this class with traditional classes and also carried out a personal practice whenever the studio was empty. This gave me time to focus on areas I wanted to, depending on how I felt that day.

I have continued with a mixture of classes and personal practice which has brought me to where I am today – very close to the full splits! I have taught myself more advanced asanas such as headstand (my favorite), forearm stand, lots of arm balance variations and so much more. I make sure I set aside time and plan my week to fit in as many yoga sessions as I can, but keeping it realistic.

It has now come to a point in life where I am ready to share my practice with others, and if that helps someone or changes their life in a positive way then that is just a massive bonus!

In January I am very excited to be taking part in a Children’s yoga teacher training course which means I will be able to bring yoga into the lives of children aged 2-11 years which will be so beneficial for them whilst growing up.

So, that is my yoga journey – from the now..and to hopefully never end.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ – Lao Tzu

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