What Goes Up, Must Come Down – The Yoga Trapeze Craze!

May 12, 2017
yoga handstand straddle


I would love to tell you that this blog post is going to be full of beautifully executed poses in my new yoga trapeze, but unfortunately it is a lot harder than it looks!

I first tried aerial yoga a couple of years ago and loved it! It’s fun, it’s a great little toy for playing with inversions and also it fires up the core and upper body muscles nicely.

When I saw a yoga trapeze that is portable and can even be used in the comfort of your own home…I knew I had to have one.

The trapeze is a great little invention as it can be used pretty much anywhere. I am not lucky enough have any beams or ceilings in my house that could hold the weight of someone flying around on an aerial swing, so you can imagine the excitement when I saw this.

I first gave my trapeze a whirl at home as I was able to secure it to my pull-up bar that hangs over the door frame (I would suggest checking your door frame is sturdy enough to hold the weight before you start swinging around). This worked, and allowed me to try out a few moves – mainly back-bends and some ‘skin the cat’ as i didn’t have the space to do anything on either side of the trapeze.

After not getting the experience I was hoping for I had a better idea, and took the trapeze to a local park which had lots of trees to hang from…but even better they had huge goal posts with no nets on them – result!

This is where it all got a little sticky… so apparently using the trapeze is not as easy as other people make it look. I had a few moves in the bag that I had practised at home but when I attempted some other moves I had seen my favourite yogis do on Instagram, well it just wasn’t happening. I think it was partly because the trapeze is not as long as it would be if you had a real aerial yoga hammock, which just meant a huge struggle to execute some moves as all I seemed to do was pull the skin on thighs in opposite directions – ouch!

After lots of laughs and some good and very bad pictures we decided to call it a day. Did I forget to mention I have a nice bruise on my head where one of the handles smacked into my forehead on the way down haha – luckily we didn’t manage to catch that on camera.

BeFunkyPhoto(anyone who wears glasses will know the struggle of being upside down in them) 

I love my trapeze and will definitely be taking it out a lot more, as I could do with the practice! I would definitely recommend getting one if you enjoy a bit of monkeying around and exercising at the same time, I found it really worked my upper body and abs plus you can use it to work on your flexibility.



I am sure there will be lots more silly antics with and without my trapeze so subscribe below for my future posts 🙂

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Love, Dans x


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