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January 11, 2017
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So, long story short.. I haven’t been away since August 2015 due to the fact that Matt and I were busy running our own business – even a 2 night break in the country just ended up being a disaster so we were more than excited about our first city break together!

As Vienna was our first city break and visit to Austria, we didn’t really know what to expect. The only thing we were sure of was that the weather was lingering around the -7 mark so lots of clothes were going to be needed!

The Hotel

We stayed in the Ruby Marie Hotel just on the outskirts of the city center. The Ruby Marie is a trendy, modern hotel with some quirky technology making your stay that little bit more interesting.

Once we arrived at the hotel we headed straight for reception, Ruby Marie have a very different reception to what you would normally expect. There is a communal table with tablets dotted around it, this is where you check in – obviously if your not too good with technology there is someone there to help, otherwise you check in and your room key drops out the printer below.

Your room key gives you access to your room and access to the other floors (you have to scan your key when entering the lift). There are 8 floors in the hotel which all head round in a circle with an outdoor terrace in the center.

On the 3rd floor there is a reading room which is set out like a lounge so it feels nice and cosy. Also in this room is a galley kitchen, this is where you can help yourself to free tea – and not just one type of tea, a whole selection.


On the 4th floor was a cinema room playing different films each day and my favorite room of course..the yoga room! The yoga room was a perfect size, and equip with; mats, blankets, a meditation cushion and a lovely atmosphere. It was so nice to be able to wind down and stretch before bed after being out in the cold all day – my hammies were stiff to say the least!

Finally on the 6th floor was our bedroom, the bedroom was pure white with a huge window and windowsill that was big enough to sit on and stare out the window – or do yoga on in my case. The room was spacious with an open glass shower in the middle which made it a feature piece. As well as being picture perfect it was complete with a Marshall speaker ready to be plugged into any device and a tablet loaded with all the information you need about the hotel or Vienna itself.

One of the best features I loved about this hotel (besides the yoga room) was their breakfast. Their breakfast was unlike any other hotel I have visited. It was a self service buffet full of organic produce. You could have fresh Rye bread with boiled eggs, yogurt topped with chia seeds, goji berries, nuts and museli complete with loose leaf tea and lemon or orange infused water to  wash it all down. It was the perfect way to start the day, I much preferred a breakfast like this over the usual greasy food you get. It left us feeling fresh and energized, ready to take on the long walks in the freezing temperatures.


The City

Vienna itself is a beautiful city, and the day before we came home it got even more beautiful when it decided to snow! The city is full of museums and architecture you can’t miss.

As a city, there is pretty much something for everyone. There are tons of museums to visit, famous restaurants/dining experiences to try, operas, musicals, ballets, Hop on Hop off tour buses, palaces, a zoo, an aquarium…the list really is endless, it just depends on what your interests are.

Travel is very cheap around the city as you can buy a single ticket to any destination for 2.20 Euros. This ticket can be used on any mode of transport which includes the bus, tram and metro. Their public transport is run on ‘trust’ which means you validate your ticket yourself when using the service and there are no barriers at stations – this was very nice compared to the London Underground but confused us because it was so relaxed and calm!



Another funny rule Vienna has is that it is deemed as publicly unacceptable to cross the road without the green man being lit. We found this very strange that everyone was still standing there whilst we stroll across a perfectly clear road – this is a big NO NO. The police even sit there in their car shouting at people through the speaker if they jaywalk!

If you ever decide to take a visit to Vienna I would highly recommend visiting Schonbrunn Palace – the grounds are amazing with a breathtaking view over Vienna at the top of the hill as you can see in the first picture.

Hopefully this year continues on a high and there will be lots more adventures to come plus lots more yoga!

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