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Korres: Shower in Nature with Korres Products

September 14, 2017
Korres Products

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If you haven’t already heard of the brand Korres, then you are missing out big time!

Korres are a well-known skincare company, founded in 1966 in Athens by a pharmacist named Georgio Korres.

They pride themselves in using only the highest quality natural ingredients. These ingredients include medicinal herbs, antioxidants and food ingredients which are full of beneficial skin qualities.

Korres sell a full range of skincare, haircare, suncare, makeup and perfume. In this post, I am going to tell you all about why showering in Korres products is something everyone should be doing.

Some of the links within this post contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission when sales are made through these links. These links are beneficial to you because I am sending you directly to a reputable company, but more importantly to amazing deals where you can save money – its a win win situation. 

Shower Gels

These are my ultimate favourite product, I can not say a bad word about these. I know what your thinking – its just a shower gel..whats all the excitement about?

There are currently about 13 different fragrances and each bottle is bursting with a natural scent. My all-time favourite is the Bergamot Pear, just because it reminds me of holiday (if that is such a thing). The Japanese Rose is sweet and delicious, the Almond Cherry smells just like a Bakewell tart and the Basil Lemon smells like the lemon has just been picked from the tree.

The great thing about these shower gels are that they are good for your body, you are showering in nature so, you don’t need to worry about your skin because, all you are doing is benefiting it.

Shower in Nature with Korres Products


Next up are their amazing shampoo range. I have only been lucky enough to get my hands on one fragrance at this current moment in time which is the Aloe and Dittany for normal hair. It cleanses the scalp and leaves your hair feeling fresh and smelling great.

I have a very sensitive scalp and have to be very careful in what I use on it, this shampoo however is sensitive scalp friendly, that is probably because it is 84.8% natural content. That means more goodness for your scalp – happy days!

On another note, if you do suffer from a dry sensitive scalp like myself, click here to read my post on how to combat this problem with some of my favourite products.

Shower in Nature: Korres Product Review


Lets talk money! This is usually a big factor which influences your decision whether to buy something or not, I can assure you that these products are worth the small price tag. They are not your everyday £1 products but they are also still affordable and you are paying for a high quality product.

You can buy Korres in quite a few shops, the shower gels are usually priced at £8. I have found a fantastic deal for anyone after a bargain at, you can get buy one get one free on the following 3 fragrances (links below):

These 3 shower gels are priced at £8 for 2 bottles which would usually be £16. They also provide FREE standard shipping within the UK on all orders – that is an offer that cant be missed!

Beauty Expert also stock a full range of Korres products including the Aloe & Dittany Shampoo I have tried, tested and highly recommend.

On the subject of testing, I am happy to inform you that Korres is 100% cruelty free, meaning they do not test on nor use ingredients tested on animals. This is something that is really important to me (mainly for the fact I have a pet rabbit) but also because there are so many brands against animal cruelty that you can easily shop without supporting the ones that do.

On that note, I hope that you are now just as eager to try the Korres products as I am to expand my range!

Happy Shopping and comment below if any of their products are you favourite…I would love to know.

Love, Dans x

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