Om Yoga Show London: A Quick Review

October 29, 2016
Om Yoga Show Headstand

A Day at Om Yoga Show London


Last year, the dates of the OM yoga show unfortunately landed 2 days after us opening a new business. This meant I was starting the 365 day count down to the next one, which surprisingly went quite fast. I was beyond excited when it came to October and I could finally buy my tickets!

Om was located in Alexandra Palace. If you haven’t ever been there, then I will tell you that it has a great view of the London skyline – but that’s just from the outside. Inside was even more exciting with the place rammed full of stalls. I could have spent all day looking at them spending lots of money, so i tried to contain myself – I limited my spending to a variety of incense sticks from The Henna Den, a 10 minute back massage, some amazing over the knee grippy socks from Tavi Noir and a naughty Pizza for lunch.


Before our doughy indulgence, we actually managed to get into a class – this required you getting there early and queuing up. The class was Power yoga by Kate Morsley, who comes from the British Wheel of Yoga, which is one of London’s leading yoga schools. The flow was really fluid and left us feeling refreshed (and hungry) but also made us feel like we had worked a bit which then made the pizza not so bad after all!

After lunch I decided it was time to enter their competition… this meant posing in front of a group of people watching and waiting to see what pose you would whip out the bag! You have your pictures taken by a professional photographer, and Om then pick one to be on the cover of their magazine. This sounded all a bit too fun to miss the opportunity, so I completed the entry form and stood there awkwardly with my name on the whiteboard, and well…..got upside-down.

I decided to do a headstand because its one of my favorite poses that actually makes me feel really grounded even though i’m on my head. Whilst preparing for my headstand, I realized I was pretty scared and a voice in my head was saying ‘don’t you dare fall, don’t embarrass yourself in public’. Luckily, a headstand is one of my strongest inversions so it all went well and the pictures came out great. Panic over!


After watching lots of other people have a go, I think Om are going to have a pretty hard time deciding because they all looked amazing.

All in all, the show was great and I would recommend it to anyone from a beginner to a full on yogi as there was something for everyone there. I can’t wait for the next one and might even plan on a sneaky trip to the Manchester show in May!

If you got this far in reading my first post without falling asleep, then well maybe I won’t be so bad at this blog thing after all.

Thank guys, love Dans x

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