Life is Limitless With A Yoga Wheel

March 5, 2017
limitless wheel yoga


Yoga wheels have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. A couple of years ago I thought I would try one out for myself after seeing lots of inspiring pictures of how people were using them and how one could benefit my practice.

I purchased mine from Limitless Wheel, because they make each wheel by hand in the UK. There are a growing number of cheaper brands I see popping up everywhere; I haven’t tried any myself but when I look at them and compare the difference with my yoga wheel – they are nowhere near as heavy, the thickness in the wheel is not there and quite frankly I would be worried about putting my whole body weight on them. So, as you can probably tell, I love my wheel and the quality of it!

I have put together a little post to show how I love to use my wheel. This is only a small percentage of ideas in which it can benefit your practice and help increase your mobility and flexibility.


This is a great shoulder stretch which I do all the time, even after work when I get home. It is very similar to Child’s Pose so, I find it very relaxing just sitting here until some tension releases.


Chest Stretch/Heart Opener. This is one of my favorite uses for the wheel, it beats any other chest stretch I have tried and my body always feels so loose and open after.


Assisted Backbend. The wheel is a great tool to slowly and safely create some flexibility in the back. I went off doing backbends a while ago as I would force my body into a stretch too deep when my back wasn’t warmed up enough – this used to give me an instant headache and I actually wouldn’t enjoy being in the pose. Using the wheel allows my back to be supported so that I can never go deeper than comfortable.


Shoulder Stand. If you are not quite there with a full shoulder stand or just fancy something different, this is a lovely relaxing pose with a gentle backbend.


Ab Exercises. The wheel can be used in a similar way to how you would use an exercise ball. I use it for Pike lifts (pictured above) and bringing the knees into the chest. Your core will be on fire after a few sets of these!


Headstand Presses. This is a great tool to practice pressing into a headstand, if you have tight hamstrings the wheel will help you stack your hips over your shoulders in order for your legs to effortlessly float up.


Handstands. This is my latest obsession for using my wheel. I have been using it to get the feel of a handstand press so that one day my legs will float up with out the need for props, but at the moment..I will take all the props I can get!

If you already have a wheel, I hope that I have inspired you to use it in ways you may not have tried already. If you don’t have a wheel and are thinking of getting one, then this should help you see the benefits of having one and how it is an asset to any yoga practice.

My wheel was purchased from Limitless Wheel – www.limitlesswheel.co.uk

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Love, Dans x

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