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Island Exploring: A Trip to Ibiza

July 16, 2017
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I love to explore and have made it a life-time goal of mine to do lots more of it.

I recently visited Ibiza, the third largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is well-known for its party nightlife, but if you stay in the right location you can have the most amazingly peaceful holiday with beautiful sunsets over the sea – so don’t be put off by its reputation.

Anyway, enough of the boring geography lesson….

When we arrived, our coach took us to our hotel which although was located quite far away from the airport on the map, it was only about half an hours drive because the island is so small.

The village was called Es Canar which is a beach resort inside the town of Santa Eularia. As soon as I arrived I couldn’t wait to explore the village and see what there was to offer. For us, there couldn’t have been a more perfect location to stay in – it had everything we needed. A beautiful beach within walking distance with such crystal clear water that I was in my element collecting shells. There were shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and my favourite of all – the famous Hippy Market.



The sunsets in Ibiza are to die for, I could have sat there staring into the horizon for hours. There is definitely something magical about this place. If you want to see the sun setting behind the horizon then you will need to be on the West side of the island but, the East side is just as beautiful with soft pink colours meeting the sky.



On Tuesday, we hopped on the tourist train for the afternoon trip which lasted 3 hours and took us to 3 amazing beaches North of Es Canar. The train took us through the Ibiza countryside before giving us enough time at each beach to take some photos, have a paddle and get an ice cream. The tourist train is a really great way to get out for a few hours and explore some different parts of the island, you can choose from the morning or afternoon trip which both take different routes.


The pictures below were taken at Cala Llenya beach which was the final stop on our tourist train. We were given more time here so I had a swim and collected some shells from the shore before we hopped back on the train to Es Canar.

The sea here was perfect, there are no waves – its just lovely and peaceful.ย 20170516_12101420170516_130248

Every Wednesday you can visit the Hippy Market in Es Canar. As you can see below I chose to wear my favourite hippy jumpsuit which I need more of in my life because it is the comfiest item of clothing I own!

The market is open from morning until later on during the evening, if you are going to visit I would suggest to go later on during the day. We went in the morning after breakfast and by the time we walked down there it was packed – and I mean sardine style packed. You had to shuffle along in a line to see the stalls and well…don’t even think about turning around to go back and look at something because it wasn’t possible.

The stalls at the market had a good variety of items but a lot of the stalls were mainstream hippy and most of it could be purchased in the local shops. I did buy myself a baggy pair of cotton ‘buddha’ pants which I was desperate to find before we even got there – they are my new favourite trousers… in fact I am wearing them right now!



Our last adventure on the island was the best one by far. We rented a car and did some exploring.

Luckily, I had my boyfriend Matt to chauffeur me around as my driving is bad enough in England on the right side of the road let alone on the other side!

We drove all the way around the South of the Island stopping off at different beaches and taking the car up scary mountain roads – getting lost a few times. Eventually we made it to my absolute favourite place which I will be forever in love with and could probably have stayed all day staring at it!



Es Vedra

Es Vedra is the magnificent island pictured above, it is made of limestone and is said to be one of the 3rd most magnetic places in the world – after the North Pole and the Bermuda triangle. It is so magnetic that people are not able to get a clear compass reading when near the island. Along with the strange compass readings there are many myths and legends about this magical place including stories about Atlantis, UFO sightings and sea Nymphs.

I can tell you now that whether you believe in myths or not, when you set your eyes on this island, you can feel the power it has. It truly is a magical feeling and is the one place I would tell anyone to visit even if is the only thing they do whilst in Ibiza.

It is a beautiful island, not to mention the perfect clear blue sea surrounding it.


This picture nearly gave my mum a heart attack when I sent it to her! As you can tell, there is no issue with heights here.. i actually quite enjoy them!

The video below sums up how great our week was in just 4 minutes. Ibiza has a special place in my heart and we will definitely be returning!

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Love, Dans x

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