How To Stay Motivated In The Gym

November 1, 2017
Gym motivation

Ever had one of those days when your feeling unmotivated, deflated and, can’t be bothered to workout?

I’m sure we all have, i know I have had quite a few before.

Well luckily for you, I know just the trick to get your gym mojo back and keep you motivated!

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan
    Planning is the most important factor in staying motivated. Every time I go to the gym, it has been planned in advance. It starts with planning what time I am going to go – I am a morning person so I always prefer before work.I plan my workout so that I know what exercises I am going to do when I arrive, this allows me to get in, get the workout done and be out in time for work. If planning the workout is where you struggle then, I suggest you do some research to find out what kind of exercise you enjoy.There are hundreds of free workout ideas on YouTube and Instagram which is great but, make sure you are following people who are qualified and not your any old Tom, Dick and Harry – because trust me there are a lot of them around.

    A few of my favourite fitness account’s to follow on Instagram are:
    - motivation

  2. Set Goals
    Have something to work towards no matter how big or small. It may just be a single exercise you want to work towards like a body weight pull up or, it could be to weigh a certain amount. Whatever goal you decide to work towards make sure it is something that you really want and something that excites you because, this is everything for motivation.
  3. Find A Gym Buddy
    If you find it hard dragging yourself to the gym when you are by yourself, then maybe you should try going with a friend. A lot of people find this works well for them as you can motivate each other and, incorporate some great partner exercises to power through the workout. If you do not have a gym buddy but feel that you would workout better with someone pushing you then it might be worth investing in a PT.
  4. Mix Things Up
    Keep your workouts interesting, if you aren’t excited to exercise then you may need to think about mixing up your programme. This can mean anything from trying heavier weights, trying a class or changing the style in which you workout.If all that fails then my final suggestion is to buy yourself a pretty new gym outfit and, download some new tunes -it works every time!

If you need some retail therapy to update your gym wardrobe, then I’ve got you covered. Head over to my Activewear FavouritesĀ post to find some inspiration – happy shopping!

Love, Dans x

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