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February 8, 2017
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A week ago I did something that has put me on a new and exciting path in life.

I¬†completed a children’s yoga teacher training course and can now teach classes from aged 2-12.


Children’s yoga is similar to traditional yoga except it is combined with education, fun, exercise and relaxation which altogether, makes a great class. The classes are packed with fun, games, yoga poses – given child friendly names, breathing exercises to energize or relax and sun salutations which all benefit a¬†child’s development.

My foundation course was taught by the amazing founder of Yoga Beez itself, Bryony Duckitt. Bryony’s style of teaching was so natural and full of passion that by the end of the course I didn’t actually want to leave.

The best thing about the course was that it wasn’t just packed full of information that you had to try and take in, but it included lots of self practice. We finished each day in savasana so that we left feeling calm and had time to absorb the day, taking note of any feelings/emotions we felt at that time. This left me with a thirst for more, I want to learn more about myself, I want to delve a bit deeper inside to see where it takes me. All this self practice left me feeling more positive, more confident, lighter and like my spirits were higher – nothing to complain about here!


If I can make children feel the same way about themselves at the end of a class how I left feeling, then I will be one very happy human. I think it is really important especially nowadays for children to learn more about themselves, what their emotions feel like and a positive way of dealing with them. The world is a completely different place today from when I was little; there were no mobile phones while I was in primary school, IPads didn’t exist, social media was very new and if you were on the internet then there was no chance of anyone being able to call you on the landline for the next 3 hours!

I believe this all makes a huge difference to the lives children lead nowadays as they are brought into the world surrounded by technology. This is great for some things, but not so great for them developing social skills or knowing how to deal with their emotions…other than using an Emoji symbol on Facebook.

As I am someone who has dealt with a mental health issue, I learnt that my thoughts were the creator of my anxiety. It was the fact that I didn’t recognise or know how to deal with certain emotions that sent me into panic. If I lived a more mindful life before it all happened I could have had more control over it and I may not have even had to experience it. As a child I also never had the opportunity to feel calm or peaceful, my head was always wired and full of energy. When we co-taught a class on my course and checked-in with the children after one of them said they felt ‘peaceful’. I thought that was the most beautiful thing a child could say – which made me realise, they want to feel peace and calm too.

This is why it’s really important for me that I can share everything I have learnt from Bryony, but also what I have learnt myself with these little people. If I can make a difference to even one persons life weather they need some calm time after school, to learn self love, to live in the moment or a little help to deal with their emotions – then I will be over the moon.


I have my first class next week with a friend who is running a meditation workshop for children and I can’t wait to get started in sharing what I love – fingers crossed it all goes well!

Love, Dans x


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