Hi Guys,

Welcome to my blog, this is something I’ve been wanting to start for about a year now and well with setting up and running our own full-time business (my boyfriend and I), this always got pushed to the bottom of the pile.

I’m a twenty something-year-old yoga lover with a sweet tooth that is trying to suss out this thing called life – no one said being in your twenties would be easy!

After starting yoga 2 years ago to help with personal struggles in life I found myself on this journey which I fell in love with. In those 2 years I’ve come from living an unhealthy lifestyle (drinking, partying, smoking), eating junk food, being unfit and going through a pretty hard time with anxiety to what I’d like to call now… a pretty healthy balanced life mentally and physically – but obviously there’s no balance in life without cake!

On my blog you can expect me to find all things yoga, lifestyle, travel, things I’ve found helpful in life, recipes I’m trying out and I might even dip into some fashion and beauty because who doesn’t need a bit of sparkle in their life. 

I hope you’ll find something you like on here or maybe something to even inspire you (I said might – no promises). I would love for you to follow along with me and see what I am up to, if this sounds like it’s for you then click on the button below 🙂

Love, Dans x

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